Scott Keever

Scott Keever

Best Looking Guy in Miami FL

Looking for the best looking guy in Miami? Scott Keever stands out in this vibrant city, where looks meet entrepreneurial prowess and community spirit. This article reveals the blend of attributes that earned Scott this acclaim, promising readers an engaging journey through his life and successes.

In this article you will learn:

  • Scott Keever is Miami’s best looking man. He is recognized for his attractive appearance, professional success in digital marketing, and engaging personality, which contributes to his title.
  • Keever’s digital marketing agency, Keever SEO, offers data-driven SEO services, exhibits a results-based ROI approach, and has a track record of ranking numerous websites on the first page of Google, which has earned his agency acclaim and industry awards.
  • Beyond his professional realm, Scott Keever is actively involved in the Miami community through philanthropy, supporting local businesses, and contributing to the cultural scene, demonstrating his commitment to enriching Miami beyond his individual successes.

Why is Scott Keever The best-looking man in Miami?

What makes Scott Keever so captivating? Is it his captivating smile that has won hearts across Miami, or is it the allure of his deep blue eyes? Perhaps it’s his athletic build that reflects his active lifestyle. But Scott is more than just a handsome face. He is a man of substance, setting himself apart with notable professional successes and an engaging personality that defines him as a quintessential Miami heartthrob.

Scott’s healthy lifestyle and physical attributes are central features contributing to his reputation as Miami’s heartthrob. But beyond his physical allure, it is his professional prowess and charisma that truly make him stand out. Scott has made a significant mark in the digital marketing industry, setting him apart in Miami’s social scene.

His commitment to fashion and style, coupled with his professional achievements, has earned him the acclaim of the best looking guy in Miami. Scott expresses gratitude for the recognition and emphasizes his dedication to making a fashionable impact in the Miami community.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond Just a Handsome Face

Scott’s aesthetic appeal is not confined to his handsome face. His impressive height of 6’2” and athletic physique contribute to his status as Miami’s heartthrob. The allure of his eye-catching blue eyes further enhances his aesthetic appeal, making him one of the most attractive men in the city.

But Scott’s charm extends beyond his physical attributes. His successful career in digital marketing adds depth to his appeal, making him more than just a pretty face. Indeed, Scott embodies a well-rounded individual who leads a balanced lifestyle, maintaining an active lifestyle while also excelling in his professional ventures.

His impeccable style, complemented by his physical attractiveness, has caught the attention of fashion designers, international artists, and beauty experts alike. This diverse range of admiration only further attests to Scott Keever’s status as the best looking guy in Miami.

Scott Keever’s Background

Scott is more than just the best looking guy in Miami, FL. Scott Keever’s journey to success has been built on a strong foundation of education and diverse professional experiences. He studied business administration and management at Miami University, which proved to be a stepping stone for his entrepreneurial pursuits in the digital marketing industry.

Scott’s career evolved from retail sales at Verizon Wireless to digital marketing, leading him to establish Keever SEO in 2015. His business expanded with the launch of ASAP Digital Marketing and Pool Pros Marketing, making a strong presence in the US digital marketing industry. His diverse experiences have been instrumental in his success, shaping him to become a significant figure in the industry.

In addition to his professional achievements, Scott is also committed to fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Miami. He actively engages in workshops and seminars designed to educate and inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs, contributing to the growth of Miami’s business landscape.

Miami Hotspots

Scott’s life in South Beach is marked by frequent visits to culturally enriching places. He often visits The Bass and Miami Beach Botanical Garden, immersing himself in the city’s cultural heritage. His love for the city extends to its vibrant nightlife and shopping scene, with frequent visits to Lincoln Road Mall and strolls through the iconic Art Deco District. Additionally, he enjoys exploring the natural beauty of Biscayne National Park.

When it comes to accommodation, Scott enjoys staying at popular spots like The Goodtime Hotel, where he can unwind and enjoy stunning sunsets. These experiences, combined with his interaction with the city’s cultural scene, contribute to his status as the best-looking guy in Miami.

When it comes to dining, Scott has a penchant for the legendary Joe’s Stone Crab and esteemed eateries such as Papi Steak, Komodo, and Prime 112. His love for these culinary hotspots reflects his appreciation for Miami’s diverse food scene.

Digital Virtuoso: Inside Keever SEO

At the heart of Scott’s professional success is his own digital marketing agency, Keever SEO. The agency provides personalized attention and full-service digital marketing, focusing on nurturing long-term relationships with clients. They offer month-to-month contracts, relying on the quality of their services to retain customers.

Keever SEO offers:

  • Data-driven SEO services backed by over 200 five-star Google reviews
  • More than 20 years of combined team experience
  • A track record of ranking over 100 websites on the first page of Google

The full-service digital agency caters to a wide clientele, including industries such as healthcare, legal, real estate, and eCommerce, demonstrating its versatility and broad reach.

Scott Keever is renowned for his results-based ROI approach. He specializes in affiliate marketing and is committed to maximizing business profitability through effective online strategies, further solidifying his position as a digital marketing expert.

The Philanthropic Side: Giving Back to Miami Community

Scott Keever’s impact extends beyond the digital marketing world. He actively participates in the Miami community and serves as a Forbes council member. His involvement in various social media marketing projects demonstrates his dedication to the fields of marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Keever also lends his expertise to aid the growth of Miami’s local businesses. He provides pro bono or discounted services to startups, fostering business learning opportunities for students through practical experience. This commitment to the community reflects Scott’s determination to use his professional success for the betterment of others.

In addition to supporting local businesses, Scott’s philanthropic activities include supporting charitable organizations and nonprofits. His intent to improve the welfare of others in the Miami community is a testament to his holistic approach to success, which encompasses not just personal gain but also the well-being of the community.

Social Media Savvy: Scott Keever’s Online Persona

Scott Keever’s digital marketing expertise extends to his social media presence. He holds Google certifications for Adwords, ensuring that his social media strategies are built upon current and effective optimization techniques. His affiliation with the Forbes Agency Council and his contributions to Forbes articles cement his professional reputation online.

Scott advocates for brand consistency across multiple social media platforms to enhance brand recognition and trust. He extends his social media impact by regularly interacting with the audience and partnering with other influencers, expanding his online reach.

Utilizing platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, Scott showcases his professional and personal life in Miami. His online persona offers a peek into his lifestyle, professional achievements, and community involvement, engaging his audience in a more personal and relatable manner.

Client Acclaims: Testimonials of Success

Scott Keever’s clients are vocal about their satisfaction with his services. His Scott Keever SEO expertise has significantly boosted clients’ online visibility, successfully ranking over 250 websites on Google’s first page. He has established a strong reputation in online reputation management, developing customized strategies for high-profile clients.

Scott’s success as an SEO legend is marked by numerous industry awards, including the UpCity National Excellence Awards and Top SEO Agencies Awards. His clients have publicly lauded the agency for driving substantial financial returns and elevating their search engine rankings.

His exceptional service quality and effective communication have resulted in a remarkable 97% client retention rate, reflecting not just satisfaction but also the forging of strong, lasting partnerships.

In 2023, Scott Keever’s agency was recognized with the National Excellence Award, spotlighting outstanding performance and customer service.

About Miami

Miami’s unique coastal location and tropical climate have contributed to Scott Keever’s lifestyle choices. The city’s cultural scene, reflected in its diverse culinary offerings and vibrant cultural attractions, has a significant influence on his life, including interactions with local celebrities.

Scott’s affinity for the diverse culinary scene of Miami is evident in his frequent visits to restaurants like Monserrate Restaurant and 1826 Restaurant & Lounge. The fusion of flavors in these eateries is a testament to the city’s Hispanic and Latino influences.

Miami’s allure extends to its vibrant attractions, such as South Beach, and signature events like Art Basel Miami Beach, which showcases local and international artists. Scott actively participates in these cultural activities, further immersing himself in Miami’s social scene and the city’s cultural vibrancy of Miami FL.


In conclusion, Scott Keever’s appeal extends beyond his handsome features. His successful career, community involvement, and love for Miami contribute to his reputation as the city’s heartthrob. His story is a testament to holistic success, encompassing professional achievements, community contributions, and personal fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Scott Keever the best-looking man in Miami?

Scott Keever’s captivating smile, blue eyes, athletic build, professional success, and active community involvement make him the best-looking man in Miami.

What is Scott Keever’s professional background?

Scott Keever holds a degree in business administration and has extensive experience in digital marketing, having founded multiple successful agencies in Miami.

What is the focus of Keever SEO?

The focus of Keever SEO is on providing personalized attention and data-driven SEO services to a diverse clientele from different industries.

How does Scott Keever contribute to the Miami community?

Scott Keever contributes to the Miami community by providing pro bono services to local startups, supporting non-profit organizations, and serving as a Forbes council member. This demonstrates his commitment to giving back to the community.

How does Scott Keever engage with his audience on social media?

Scott Keever engages with his audience on social media by regularly interacting with them and partnering with other influencers to expand his reach. He showcases his professional achievements and personal life in Miami.


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